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Lorbottle West Steads farm has been in the same family for over a century. It is a mixed farm of 310 acres and over 200 livestock. The farm is also home to Taff the working Collie and Jack Russells Roger and Tigger.

On the farm we work towards conserving the local wildlife and natural surroundings. During conversion to arable we are planting pollen and nectar margins for insects and birds, grass margins for bird cover and to encourage waders, and hedges of honeysuckle, holly, blackthorn and wild rose.

If you enjoy spotting wildlife, you are in for a treat on Lorbottle farm. Chances are you will see pied woodpecker, our resident barn and little owls, bats, red deer, and numerous birds and butterflies, particularly in the cottage gardens. And if you are lucky with the weather, you will also enjoy wonderful sunsets.

As well as arable and livestock farming, we produce and sell our own crafts, including sloe gin from our traditional family recipe and made with sloes from the farm. To find out more about our crafts and to order online, visit the Sloe Crafts web site.